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Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors

August 20, 2019

Why use your own money, when you can use someone else's to invest in real estate? Become an informed investor. Today, Clint Coons of Anderson Business Advisors talks about hard money loans (HMLs) with Albert Bui, mortgage planning specialist at Avenue One Capital. 


  • Loan Types and Trends: Percentages and prices for conventional, portfolio, commercial, and hard money loans 
  • Hard Money Loan Issues: Shortage of contractors and property doesn’t sell quickly 
  • Tradesmen/Contractors turned Cons: Sell a bill of goods and require money upfront before rehabbing properties 
  • Project vs. Profit: Project must be completed before interest rate hikes and profit loss
  • Experience-based Product: How many exits out of hard money? 
  • Exit Options: Plan ahead by considering assets, income, and credit to decide whether to sell, refinance, rent, or lease
  • What’s the difference? Some say, ‘pre-approval’; Albert says, ‘purchasing power analysis’
  • Qualifying for Loans: How much income do you expect to make and from what sources?
  • Credit Card Debt: Everything you charge, changes debt into income
  • With/Without Tenants: Use portion of rent to offset mortgage; qualify with your income
  • Lender Qualifications: Level of service and time they’re willing to spend with you
  • Terminology and Questions: What type of investors do you work with? How many real estate investors have you worked with? Are you a real estate investor?
  • Three Legs of the Stool: Credit, income, and assets/cash 


Albert Bui at Avenue One Capital 

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